What is NFT and why is everyone talking about it?

3 min readJul 16, 2021
What is NFT and why is everyone talking about it?

Non-Fungible Token, abbreviated as NFT, is the talk of the town these days. So let’s explore what exactly it is.

Defined in financial terms, a fungible resource or asset is something with units that can be promptly exchanged — like our fiat currency. With physical cash in hand, you can get two 50 Rupee notes in exchange for one 100 Rupee note, yet it will have the same value. Nonetheless, if you have something that is non-fungible, it has unique properties, so it can’t be exchanged with anything else.

NFTs are “exceptional” resources or assets in the digital world that can be purchased and sold like some other piece of property; however, they have no real tangible form.

It may be a house or a work of art. You can snap a picture of the work of art or purchase a print, yet at any point, there will be one unique painting that is original.

People across the world are spending large sums of money on NFT collectibles. They’re into everything ranging from digital houses, augmented reality sneakers, sports trading cards to music, paintings, art, GIFs, collectibles, virtual avatars and video game skills, etc.

Basically, NFTs resemble physically collected items; that are in digital form. So you can rather simply get a digital file instead of having to buy and keep a hefty oil painting at your home.

The concept and working behind NFTs

Traditional artistic creations are worth a lot and are significant in light of the fact that they are unique, whereas the files that are digital can be effortlessly pirated or duplicated.

With NFTs, work of art can be “tokenized” to make a digital certificate of ownership that can be sold or purchased at any time.

Cryptocurrency makes it transparent by sharing a virtual ledger known as a blockchain. This ledger stores a record of all the things owned by any person or party. This ledger is unlike any other because the records here can’t be forged, and the reason behind this is that this data is stored and maintained by a large number of computers across the globe. NFTs can likewise contain smart contracts that may give the artists, for instance, a share of any future sale of the token.

An NFT’s worth depends totally on the amount another person will pay for it. Along these lines, demands will drive the price as opposed to technical, economical, or fundamental indicators, which normally influence the stock prices and generally structure out the basis for investor demand.

Importance of NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens are an advancement over the general idea of cryptocurrencies. NFT is a little ahead in the reinvention of this infrastructure, and it has done it by representing physical assets in digital form. Perhaps, the most significant advantage of NFTs is market efficiency. The conversion of special physical assets into digital ones smoothes out the whole process and eliminates the role of intermediaries. For example, NFTs addressing artwork that is physical or digital on a blockchain eliminates the requirement for agents and permits the artists to directly connect with their spectators or audiences.

NFTs in Gaming

NFTs can be used in a variety of ways in the gaming industry to allow for the ownership and transferability of digital assets. Companies like Riot Games and Epic Games have disrupted the industry by making games available for free, and as a result, first-person shooter and online battle-arena games have exploded in popularity. Along with those free games, “skins,” or visual enhancements, outfits, or weapons that can be used to customise gaming avatars, have grown in popularity, and users frequently pay a premium for these types of customizations. This is one of the reasons why companies has become so popular; their platform allows users to customise and style their avatars in-game in a variety of ways with the help of NFTs.

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