Token Rebranding Guide

2 min readMay 15, 2023


This is the official guide for submission of current ArcadeNetwork Tokens (ARC)

The previous token will be sent to a unidirectional contract ( and all the users are requested to submit their tokens by 20 May, 23 8:00 PM GMT.

How to submit old tokens for the new one

Visit our official submission portal i.e.

Step 1 — Connect your wallet by clicking “Connect Wallet” from the navbar.

Step 2 — Switch your wallet network to BSC by clicking on Switch to BSC.

Step 3 — Navigate to the submission page by clicking “ArcadeNetwork Submission” from the side menu.

Step 4 — Enter the amount of ARC Tokens you are currently holding and enter your email address. Click “Submit Token” to initiate submission.

Step 5 — Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Step 6 — Your ARC Tokens have been submitted.

PS: The new ARC token Balance shall be visible on the screen. You shall receive an email from on the entered email ID that acts as a SAFT for the new tokens.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we are confident that our rebranding efforts will propel us towards new heights. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience to our community, providing innovative solutions, and driving the adoption of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for further updates, as we unveil our new logo, token details, and exciting initiatives in the coming weeks.

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