Meet the Team: Chinka Gupta, CEO of ArcadeNetwork

Chinka Gupta | CEO-Founder ArcadeNetwork.

We are delighted to introduce you to Chinka Gupta, the CEO of ArcadeNetwork, an accomplished digital innovation consultant, strategist, and blockchain architect. She describes herself as a problem solver and solution architect with nearly Seven years of experience working with Blockchain in a variety of domains.

Career advancement

Chinka is a firm believer that all it takes to build a successful product is “Persistence” and “Determination.”

Chinka is passionate about leveraging her abilities to accelerate ArcadeNetwork’s growth. She has a diverse seven-year career in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. She has worked on a variety of use cases and domains throughout her career, including insurance, banking, finance, edutech, trade finance, supply chain, and government projects. Enterprise scaling, blockchain architecture, technology consulting, team leadership and management, and deployment management are among her primary core competencies.

Additionally, she previously worked with Big4s like KPMG India & PwC India as a Blockchain Consultant and at Accenture as a Blockchain Development Architect.

Chinka Gupta earned her bachelor’s degree from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology (IGIT). She began her career as a web developer at a very young age, progressed to consultation, and eventually ended up in business. She began her professional career as an intern at Defence Research & Development Organization, India before securing positions at well-known companies such as Accenture, PwC, KPMG and a few startups. She began her entrepreneurial journey by founding ArcadeNetwork, a company that addresses critical issues in the gaming industry.

Take a look at his LinkedIn profile here:

ArcadeNetwork- A Decentralised Cross Metaverse Bridge.

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability. Making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs, ArcadeNetwork creates a unified relayer bridge that enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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