How to Participate in ArcadeNetwork IDO? A Detailed Guide.

3 min readDec 1, 2021


The wait is finally over and ArcadeNetwork IDO on Poolz, PolkaBridge, ScaleSwap and Bullstarter is going to be Live soon!

Still not sure, How to participate in IDO? worry not. We have curated this article for your reference.

The IDO on Bullstarter will occur on 1st December 2021, Wednesday and on Poolz, PolkaBridge, ScaleSwap is 2nd December 2021, Thursday.

Participating in the IDO

In order to participate in ArcadeNetwork IDO, you have to follow certain steps to be eligible for purchase on the below-mentioned IDO platforms, check out their processes in detail below:

IDO on BullPerks:

Visit the link:

  • After visiting the deal page, click on the “Join Deal at Bullstarter”
  • Log in and make sure you are connected to Metamask wallet, Binance Smart chain network
  • Copy the main account address by clicking it and inserting it in the emission address.
  • Click Approve and confirm the transaction
  • Do the double confirmation and Done!
  • For detailed process visit:

IDO on Poolz:

Visit the link:

  • Buy at least 250 Poolz to be eligible for participation
  • Go to the Poolz website and connect your wallet.
  • Lock your Poolz tokens for the desired period of time
  • Complete whitelist requirement (on BSC only)
  • Purchase the IDO token and claim (if they aren’t airdropped)

For detailed process visit:

IDO on ScaleSwap:

To participate in ArcadeNetwork IDO on ScaleSwap you need to be whitelisted and to be a holder of at least 1 sca token, as it will be via private pool only(guaranteed participation for TOP Scalescore holders).

Private Pool Whitelisting Signup:

Whitelisting & KYC Event is Live

Whitelist start date: November 29th at 6 pm UTC

Whitelist end date: December 1st at 12 pm UTC

Please make sure that you submit the correct participation wallet during Whitelisting AND KYC (Metamask is strongly preferred)! You will not be able to participate with any wallet address other than this one!

Whitelisted participants will get an email with all details of IDO including the exact time and link to participate.

IDO on PolkaBridge:

Visit the link:

  • Buy at 3000 $PBR to get maximum allocation
  • Go to the above-mentioned link and connect your wallet.
  • Lock your $PBR tokens for the desired period of time
  • Complete whitelist requirement (on BSC only)
  • Purchase the IDO token and claim

For detailed process visit:

For more information join our official telegram group:

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