How ArcadeNetwork is adapting to the Crypto Winter?

2 min readJun 28, 2022

Bear markets are common. That doesn’t make them any easier to anticipate, predict how long they’ll last, or determine how severe the downturn will be. To reduce your bear-market losses while also increasing long-term project progress, you can take a few wise actions without being able to see the future. That is what ArcadeNetwork is doing.

Have a look at a few of the major steps ArcadeNetwork is implementing to adapt to the bear market:

Being Effective and Efficient

Putting all measures in place to ensure that ArcadeNetwork resources are fully utilized. Yet, productivity is maintained at full capacity. Leveraging our investors and stakeholders to uplift the ecosystem and community.


Instead of a fixed period tranche, ArcadeNetwork will soon be announcing an all-time open (Forever Staking). This will allow the audience to earn extra bucks without any limitations.

Community Participation

Instead of hiring new team members from the industry. ArcadeNetwork will be welcoming artists, developers, and community managers from the community. Hence, giving them the opportunity to get paid in their favorite $ARC tokens.

We are already on the lookout for community managers from the ArcadeNetwork family who are interested and willing to support us as a part of the team.

To join the Arcade Team, DM community managers on our Telegram channel.

Product Launches

We take pride in our ecosystem and community. Our partners are always on standby to promote and push it in their community. After assessment and discussion with major stakeholders and advisors, it is decided to work on product development and launches. Soon you’ll be seeing a lot of updates.

Promoting initiatives in the ecosystem

ArcadeNetwork will invite all the community members and stakeholders to participate in promoting the project. Promote the project and get paid by becoming “Arcadian of the month.”

ArcadeNetwork welcomes all the feedback and suggestions, if you have one? Share here:

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized platform that provides cross-metaverse asset interoperability. It makes use of blockchain technology and NFTs, creating a unified relayer bridge that enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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