DeFi11 joins forces with ArcadeNetwork to bring transparency in Gaming Industry.

DeFi11 joins forces with ArcadeNetwork to bring transparency in Gaming Industry.

In order to protect gaming platforms from fraud and lack of transparency in centralised fantasy sports applications, ArcadeNetwork is pleased to announce a partnership with DeFi11. DeFi11 is a platform that works tirelessly to make gaming platforms safe from fraud and lack of transparency.

To be more specific, the goal of our new partner, DeFi11, is to bring decentralisation to the world of fantasy sports. Developers, designers, artists, programmers, and, above all, self-driven innovators make up DeFi11’s dedicated team. The DeFi11 community is endeavouring to resolve the issues of data manipulation and reward pool amounts, a lack of auditing and internal control, a lack of regulation and user privacy, and the creation of dummy winners, among other issues.

The DeFi11 Foundation is a DeFi-based gaming ecosystem that is launching their D11 Token on top of the layer2 Matic Chain. The D11 Token will be useful in a variety of games that are being developed within the DeFi11 Ecosystem. The team is currently working on developing DeFi11 as a more versatile platform, a genesis-based fantasy sports game.

About DeFi11

DeFi11 is a DeFi-powered decentralised gaming ecosystem that is built on top of the Matic Blockchain, with Ethereum serving as the foundational technology. Transparent, auditable, and incentivizing mechanisms are all part of the platform’s goal of establishing ethical standards in the gaming industry. Their goal is to attract more people into a lucrative gaming market that has been stifled due to a scarcity of innovative products.

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is a unique platform that offers gamers and developers a whole new experience of gaming metaverses. ArcadeNetwork provides interoperability in the gaming industry, which allows the gamers to purchase any asset from one game or metaverse and use it in whichever games or metaverses they wish to. With ArcadeNetwork, the purchased items do not depend on the existence of the game. ArcadeNetwork is an innovative step towards achieving and establishing standards for the gaming industry.

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