ArcadeNetwork’s Passport to Automation and AI

3 min readJul 8, 2022


ArcadeNetwork is excited to join hands with CheverTech, an emerging tech development company that focuses on cutting-edge technologies going through rapid adoption across the globe. ArcadeNetwork and CheverTech have partnered to make the process of Metaverse Interoperability easy and hassle-free.

With ArcadeNetwork’s ecosystem growing rapidly, providing manual interoperability will become a challenge for both the users and gaming metaverses. CheverTech will play a major role in assisting ArcadeNetwork to optimise this process.

How? See how CheverTech will use automation and artificial intelligence to improve the user experience on ArcadeNetwork:

  1. AIOps: AIOps can be used to anticipate and prevent outages, spot issues as they arise, and manage resources. It is extremely demanding that the platform catering metaverse in such long number be extremely reliable, always active, and scalable. As a result, AIOps can assist in better managing ArcadeNetwork’s assets and ensuring that the systems are up and running.
  2. In the metaverse, AI bots can be employed for a range of purposes, including sales, marketing, and customer service. It can assist users in the metaverse by giving instructions, offering details about goods and services, responding to inquiries from clients, taking orders, and even carrying out transactions on their behalf. Consequently, our community is no longer dependent on human moderators.
  3. Digital avatars: Users will communicate with one another using digital avatars in the partner Metaverses. These avatars must be lifelike and realistic because they will be used to represent users in the ArcadeNetwork metaverse. Utilizing AI, realistic avatars can be made by:
  • Using computer vision to produce accurate images of users
  • Realistic dialogue for avatars is created using natural language processing.
  • To give avatars realistic environments through virtual reality

A user might, for instance, have the option of creating an avatar that resembles them or selecting from a variety of avatars. A realistic dialogue could be created between the avatars thanks to their ability to communicate. This would contribute to making the metaverse more social for users.

ArcadeNetwork and CheverTech are constantly exploring new ways to work together in order to meet the needs of the Metaverse community as well as their own primary objectives as quickly as possible. ArcadeNetwork is currently working on Polygon and looking for new locations to establish itself and help players transfer assets smoothly from one Metaverse to another. We’ll continue providing regular updates in the same way as we make more progress.

Meanwhile, keep supporting ArcadeNetwork!

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized platform that provides cross-metaverse asset interoperability. It makes use of blockchain technology & NFTs, creating a unified relayer bridge, which enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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About CheverTech

Chever Tech is an emerging tech development company that is focused on cutting edge technologies going through a rapid adoption across the globe. CheverTech’s portfolio includes technologies that can transform your present to help you realize your future.

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