ArcadeNetwork partners with Blockchain Space | A PlayToEarn Guild to scale in the Metaverse

We’re ecstatic to announce our collaboration with BlockchainSpace, which aims to grow Metaverse’s ecosystem and support play-to-earn guild and blockchain gamers.

BlockchainSpace (BSPC) and ArcadeNetwork will share technical and marketing resources to achieve our joint aims of building a robust metaverse ecosystem, developing useful tools for guilds and players, and raising awareness in the play-to-earn area through this cooperation.

ArcadeNetwork will share APIs and SDKs with BSPC, allowing them to build a more robust network. BSPC will connect its 60+ metaverses to 10,000+ guilds, millions of gamers, and game titles. BPSC guilds and players will be able to easily transport in-game assets around the metaverse with ArcadeNetwork Relayer Bridge. Furthermore, the actual ownership of in-game assets stimulates additional purchases, which benefits the Metaverse.

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is a well-defined, intuitive, and resourceful decentralizing platform that provides an advanced experience in gaming metaverses. Powered by Polygon, it provides interoperability in the gaming ecosystem. They also aim to standardize the gaming industry with their $ARC tokens, providing easy transactions at any point in time.

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About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace (BSPC), is the largest hub for play-to-earn communities globally, enabling play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. BPSC build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games. All of this empowers the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners by equipping them with the essential digital tools and financing needed to grow and succeed.

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ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability by making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs.