ArcadeNetwork NFT Sale Going Live

5 min readNov 12, 2021


ArcadeNetwork, the world’s first decentralized platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability, has planned to launch its NFT Sale for 50 unique and exclusive NFTs with diverse themes and characteristics. ArcadeNetwork is a revolutionary blockchain platform that enables seamless transfer of in-game assets from one metaverse to another. This has been made possible with ArcadeNetwork’s Cross Metaverse Relayer Bridge that works on the principle of NFT wrapping and burning to ensure that the asset exists in only one metaverse at a given time.

ArcadeNetwork is the first platform bringing in the much required metaverse interoperability and complete asset ownership to the user. ArcadeNetwork makes it possible for players to trade, lend, and borrow in-game assets through its marketplace using ArcadeNetwork’s native token. If the game shuts down, the player still owns the asset in the form of NFT. Similarly, the asset does not lose its value even if the game shuts; the value of the asset remains intact irrespective of the existence of the game.

The ArcadeNetwork NFT Sale

The ArcadeNetwork NFTs auction starts on 12th November 2021 4:00 PM GMT and will end on 21st November 2021 7:30 PM GMT on the Vulcan Forged Marketplace in three stages. Each stage becomes more interesting than the previous one in the way that the points on the NFT increase. All NFTs come with an NFT score that is calculated using the rarity and the stars of the individual NFT. When the owned NFT in the wallet reaches a certain NFT score, the NFT can either be exchanged for ARC tokens in the future or for any in-game asset with the Arc enabled metaverses.

Each Arc NFT comes with a rarity score according to the table below:

These NFTs come with diverse traits like genes that define the genetic modification of the NFT, rarity that defines how rare the NFT is, and themes including superhumans, zombies, pirates, etc.

What’s Up For Auction?

The bidding ends on 21st November 2021 7:30 PM GMT , and the highest bidder gets the NFT. The purchases should be done in PYR, the native token of Vulcan Forged Marketplace.

How To Apply?

The auction begins on 12th November 2021 with 3-stars and 4-stars NFTs live for auction on the Vulcan Forged MarketPlace. The rest of the NFTs would be live in stages according to the dates mentioned above. If you like the NFT, bid from the starting price, and to get a hold on the NFT, make sure your bid is the highest or you can also secure the NFT by purchasing it at “Buy Now” price from the marketplace.

All the NFTs shall be open for bidding till 21st November. The one with the highest bid wins the NFT and the direct access to ArcadeNetwork’s IDO going live really soon.

Why Buy The ArcadeNetwork NFTs?

It’s not the investment that counts when buying an NFT; it’s the added benefits that make it more valuable and precious. ArcadeNetwork NFTs are unique, and their diverse characteristics make them even more fun.

  • Direct pass to IDO: The possession of the NFTs would be a direct pass to the ArcadeNetwork’s IDO(Initial Dex Offerings) that implies that you can skip the waitlist and get directly whitelisted for the public allocation. A total of 50k USDT worth of tokens are reserved for the NFT holders which shall be distributed on a pro rata basis. The more is your bid, the more are your chances of getting a bigger ticket size.
  • Buy Back by ArcadeNetwork: Once you get the NFTs, you even get a chance to exchange them for ARC tokens on the ArcadeNetwork Platform i.e. you can redeem the funds you spend on purchasing the NFTs worth of $ARC tokens by submitting the NFTs at the platform. The tokens shal be linearly vested for a period of 4 months after a month’s cliff. The only condition is that the minimum NFT points you have is more than 7.

The points of an ARC NFTs is calculated by the sum of number of stars an NFT has and the rarity of the NFT possessed(Please use the above tables to calculate NFT points). For eg: if you have two 4 star NFTs , both with ‘Rare’ genes, your total NFT points become [4star+ rare] + [4star + rare] = [4+1]+[4+1]=10. In this case you are eligible to do a buy back.

  • Exchange for in-game assets: These NFTs can be exchanged for in-game assets in the ArcadeNetwork Marketplace, where you can exchange the ARC NFTs for any game asset which are used in the partner games in return. The exact exchange conditions and mappings to be provided on the website soon. Not to forget that these in-game assets can also be transferred from one metaverse to another by the Arcade cross metaverse relayer bridge.
  • Staking of NFTs: The Arcade NFTs can be utilised (staked, swapped, lend, etc.) on the NiftyPays Platform. NiftyPays is the official NFT Partner for ArcadeNetwork and is the first platform providing staking,swapping, borrowing, lending and fractionalisation of NFTs.
  • Trade on marketplace : Needless to mention, you can even trade these NFTs on vulcan forged marketplace.

The Arcade NFT sale is quite different and unique in terms of various options open to the NFT Holders. The NFTs are a great way to leverage various advantages and even getting the funds spent back after the ARC launch. The sale is definitely a win win situation generated for the holders in all ways.

Please note that ArcadeNetwork holds no interest in raising any funds via the NFT sale, the company in all ways shall make sure the NFT funds are returned back to the holders in the above mentioned ways.

So, Gear up and Grab the much awaited NFTs !

What is ArcadeNetwork ?

ArcadeNetwork brings the awaited revolution in the blockchain metaverse industry. The cross metaverse bridge enables asset transfer and helps these assets retain their value even if the game shuts down. ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first platform bringing metaverse interoperability.

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ArcadeNetwork provides an innovative NFT ecosystem, enabling participants to directly benefit from the NFTs that they own.