ArcadeNetwork enters into a strategic partnership with Synapse Network

2 min readSep 20, 2021

Synapse has extensive experience in the gaming industry and specialises in allocating early-stage investments to disruptive cryptocurrency companies. Synapse’s team are experts in the gaming industry and have made investments in some of the industry’s most well-known companies. ArcadeNetwork will be able to use this experience and knowledge to establish itself as a gaming industry leader.

The partnership between Synapse and ArcadeNetwork is more than just a financial investment. Synapse will maintain regular correspondence with ArcadeNetwork to ensure that the team is on track to be a leader in the crypto space. They’ll help with marketing, technology, strategic advice, and funding, among other things. Synapse Network recognises ArcadeNetwork’s enormous potential and will go to great lengths to ensure that the team achieves it.

About Synapse

Synapse Network is developing a cross-chain investment and start-up acceleration ecosystem based on blockchain technology, to give everybody an equal chance to contribute to great upcoming projects and to do so early on. We are bridging the gap between the traditional & crypto market. The idea of the Synapse Network technology goes beyond the standard offer of launchpads available on the market, becoming a true technological brand providing tech solutions.

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About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability. Making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs, ArcadeNetwork creates a unified relayer bridge that enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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ArcadeNetwork provides an innovative NFT ecosystem, enabling participants to directly benefit from the NFTs that they own.