ArcadeNetwork comes into close partnership with NiftyPays

2 min readAug 5, 2021

The world’s first decentralized platform providing cross metaverse interoperability, ArcadeNetwork has now partnered with NiftyPays. This partnership is a result of the same objective of both companies to make the gaming industry a better place. ArcadeNetwork lists numerous games on its platform and creates a whole new ecosystem where gamers, as well as developers can explore more about the gaming world, they can even create new games with the help of Global Shared Land provided by ArcadeNetwork.

Benefits of ArcadeNetwork and NiftyPays Partnership-

ArcadeNetwork is based on blockchain technology and NFTs. With the help of this advanced mechanism, it creates a unified relayer that enables the seamless movement of in-game assets in the underlying blockchain technology. NiftyPays will help ArcadeNetwork to enable the smooth flow of gaming assets by converting them to NFTs. NiftyPays aims to benefit the NFT holders with the help of its intelligent gamification algorithm, so the partnership of these two companies would make an impact on the gaming industry.

About NiftyPays -

NiftyPays is an innovative and revolutionary concept, deeply and strategically brainstormed to benefit the exponentially increasing holders of NFTs, like ArcadeNetwork. The firm will not only allow NFT holders to use their NFTs as collateral or stake their idle NFTs for a desired amount of time and earn rewards from different ecosystem projects listed on the platform. The ecosystem has an intelligent gamification algorithm that calculates rewards based on the time spent by the user in the ecosystem — more time, better rewards.

About ArcadeNetwork -

ArcadeNetwork is a unique platform that offers gamers and developers a whole new experience of gaming metaverses. ArcadeNetwork provides interoperability in the gaming industry, which allows the gamers to purchase any asset from one game or metaverse and use it in whichever games or metaverses they wish to. With ArcadeNetwork, the purchased items do not depend on the existence of the game. ArcadeNetwork is an innovative step towards achieving and establishing standards for the gaming industry.

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ArcadeNetwork provides an innovative NFT ecosystem, enabling participants to directly benefit from the NFTs that they own.