ArcadeNetwork- Bridging the Domain Gaps for Gaming Industry

2 min readOct 4, 2021

We see each gaming industry as an ecosystem — a thriving digital economy in the making, fueled by the incredible skill, passion, and creativity of both developers and players.

ArcadeNetwork is at a juncture where Blockchain, Gaming & NFT industries unite to make a unique platform.

Why does the Gaming Industry need an ArcadeNetwork Ecosystem?

ArcadeNetwork makes the most of Blockchain Technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency to create something truly valuable that aims to solve major gaming industry problems. It has a unified relay bridge with the help of the technologies mentioned, allowing for the seamless movement of in-game assets in the underlying blockchain technology.

ArcadeNetwork makes use of the best practices and blockchain technology and ensures that in-game assets can be easily transferred from one metaverse to another across game boundaries. As a result, gamers can buy an asset from one game and use it in another similar game.

There are a variety of metaverses that are becoming part of the ArcadeNetwork Ecosystem. The Arc Bridge provides the required compatibility and standardization that currently lacks in the Gaming world for the movement of these assets.

It enables gamers to own their virtual items and store them safely in decentralized wallets. The ability to safely use and trade virtual items on NFT marketplaces.

This means that you as a gamer now make a real investment while buying an in-game asset.

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability. Making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs, ArcadeNetwork creates a unified relayer bridge that enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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ArcadeNetwork provides an innovative NFT ecosystem, enabling participants to directly benefit from the NFTs that they own.