AMA REWIND: ArcadeNetwork Community AMA Transcript

We recently hosted our AMA with ArcadeNetwork. Most of the community members joined, but some could not. Because we believe nobody should be deprived of the knowledge shared by Chinka Gupta, founder and CEO Arcadenetwork. So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the session. This blog post will be a beacon of knowledge for those who missed the live session but are still curious enough to know.

Questions asked by the team.

Q. What exactly is Arcade Network? Could you give a brief introduction about it?

Ans: Through ArcadeNetwork, we’re building the world’s first interoperability platform; we’re achieving it via ARC bridge. So basically, we’re allowing the movement of assets from one Metaverse to another. We’ve already started launching our sub-products, as the launch has already started and we’re receiving good responses, we’re all geared up, and the team is all busy for the upcoming launches.

Q. The community is excited about the launch of ARC Minter, but what exactly is the need for a Minter?

Ans: Basically, ARC Minter allows you to mint NFTs, this is not entirely different from other minters, but it is one of the native steps to climb up to the ARC Bridge. We want to promote this ecosystem of ArcadeNetwork. This is one of the first steps in realizing, implementing, and promoting the ecosystem where we connected different Metaverses; here, we invited artists from all over the world to our free Minting platform, which is allowing to mint their assets, and these assets can also be used in partner Metaverses and partner games, and if these are of certain standards, these assets can be purchased by the partner metaverses and games, we observed that some of the metaverses we’re partnering up with right now, are in a somewhat nascent stage, and these artists and the assets they mint will play a critical role in supporting the growth of these budding metaverses. This is one of the reasons we wanted to start ArcadeNetwork; you will find more about it in our Whitepaper; we have product launches planned in the future that support the launches of the Metaverses. This holds one of the utilities in the ARC bridge. So instead of waiting the whole time period and staying true to ArcadeNetwork’s Modus Operandi of working with the iterations, we came up with the ARC Minter. We have been receiving good responses on the ARC Minter.

Q. Since you talked about Other Launches, we also heard about ARC Marketplace, what is the strategy behind it, and how is it different from other NFT marketplaces?

Ans: ARC Marketplace and ARC Minter share a direct utility with each other that while you’re minting these assets for free and you’re taking these assets to other marketplaces and selling them, artists are going to earn through our platform.

What’s unique about ARC Marketplace is that our Marketplace is free of any service costs. It is not only a marketplace but also an exchange station. Naturally, the initial step would be to launch it as a marketplace only to evolve it later into an exchange station, where one of the direct utilities would be that people will be able to exchange their in-game assets, this will enable you to be part of any other metaverse and obtaining assets of that Metaverse through the Marketplace instead of transferring assets using ARC Bridge. The primary condition we worked on here was whilst exchanging the assets, we did not want to transfer the ownership, and when the exchange of assets happens, temporarily, the user will be able to be part of each other’s Metaverse as well. Our partner platforms will also add to the direct utility such as, one of our partner platforms will also enable NFT staking to each of the NFT Minted using our NFT Minter and sell on our platform.

Q. Could you shed some light on the upcoming Launches.

Ans: The foremost thing is that we closed our first season of NFT Minter Whitelisting with success, and we are going to launch more seasons; we also are planning to launch NFT Marketplace by the end of February of 2022. Post the launch of Marketplace, and the next launch will be of our ARC Bridg, which will be our Alpha Bridge, which will be open to the public for people to understand what the product is like and how it intends to perform its utility. There are bound to be iterations of the bridge, but it is going to support all the unreal and unity-based partners; as a user, anyone can come and join the network. The users can come to join, play and they can even exchange in-game assets amongst themselves.

Q. What are your plans for listing $ARC tokens on other exchanges?

Ans: This is certainly on the docket as we’re working on it round the clock, anything else to be shared could be speculative, but to strongly inform you, we have huge plans for the same as the communications have already been sent out.

Q. Anything else would you like to share or add to the Roadmap in the future?

Ans: Talking about our Roadmap, we’re five months ahead of our schedule, which simply means we are already on to the other launches which we planned to tie up and we wanted to come up with. We are bound to witness the ARCverse somewhere in the Q2 of 2022; the team is aggressively working on it. We will be making official announcements on our Modified Roadmap soon, which will include the newly added features which we wanted to bring in. The team is quite excited about the new developments as this is what sets us apart, the problems we’re solving. We began with the Metaverse Interoperability quite earlier than most, and we have come a long way from developing new and exciting features and sub-products, which will soon be revealed on our Roadmap. When we talk about $ARC Tokens or $ARC Coins, we are also launching our liquidity mining which will provide high yields and high rewards to the liquidity miners, so this portal will be up somewhere in next week. We’re also launching our Ambassador program, which we call Arcade Champion Program, so basically where we want those who believe in our product to be a part of the program and complete certain tasks and help us achieve our goal.

Apart from these, we’re quite actively open to community feedback through this Ambassador program in turn to implement the feedback and the community needs or demands.

Q. Is there anything more that you’d want from the community, or would you like to explain more about the Ambassador Program?

Ans: The ambassador program revolves around a mix of KPIs for both gamer and crypto communities, especially the global gaming community, which beliefs in the idea of gaming metaverse interoperability. There is also a community Trello which is being created, and you can always join that, and certainly, there are rewards behind every task completed. Other than this, Community Feedback is also a critical aspect of the ambassador program; as we would like to incorporate the experience and the knowledge of those who are investing in the community, we would like those people to support us by providing important community feedback. What we would require is that it’s the community that should be driving our next steps for a better experience of our products and services.

LIVE Questions asked by the community members.

Q. The Marketing Strategy?

Ans: Since it is not too specific, assuming it to be about product marketing, we’re actively doing that; with every product, we’re launching campaigns or giveaways. Through our marketing, we’re making it a valuable ecosystem.

In case it is about Token Marketing, we strongly feel that we’re completely focused on bringing in the product right now; since its a huge thing, we will be launching it in phases with iterations as and when we are bringing in products and they carry a token utility, tokens are already being marketed, and we do not need a specific marketing strategy for it.

____End of the Session_____

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralized platform that provides cross metaverse asset interoperability. It makes use of blockchain technology & NFTs, creating a unified relayer bridge, which enables seamless movement of in-game assets between different games.

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ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability by making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs.