Non-fungible tokens or NFTs right now are selling like hotcakes and turns out everybody wants a piece of it. NFTs as we know are created through a process called Minting, which to many remains a mystery in absence of adequate tools or minters to mint them as per the need.

The Minting Mystery

PolkaWar, an upcoming NFT based fighting game is excited to join hands with ArcadeNetwork to give the benefit of asset interoperability to its users with ArcadeNetwork Relayer Bridge. Both the teams were excited and showed high enthusiasm towards their contribution to the revolution of the gaming metaverse.

This collaboration will…

ArcadeNetwork is excited to announce our partnership with Colexion. Asia’s largest licensed NFT marketplace, offering digital artists a new path for bridging the gap between traditional art markets and the emerging non-fungible token market. Colexion and ArcadeNetwork have partnered to allow gamers to move their in-game assets between Metaverses with…


ArcadeNetwork is the world’s first decentralised platform providing cross metaverse asset interoperability by making use of Blockchain technology & NFTs.

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